Doric Inc is Fine Craftsmanship

New Project: Studio Conversion
We married Contemporary Space & Versatility to Modern Methods & Materials. SIPS Roof Framing made for Open Spaces, & the Floor System of Beams allowed for Greater Cantilevers without  Posting for Clear Site Lines.  Details

New Project: NWTrends/Liberty Lake
One of our Key Subcontractors & Suppliers has outgrown their existing facilities & needs a new Home"! 50,000 sq ft of Showroom/Office Space & Fabrication Facilities will be built in 2024 in Liberty Lake, Washington.  Details

Project Video: Lakeside Framing Fly-over
This has proven to be an extremely valuable tool in conversations with not only Homeowners, but Industry Professionals. The ability to better understand the challenges and demands of contemporary architecture is self evident here. Never has the age old comment of "Less is More" been better exemplified. When you have more Glazing and Open Floor Plans, the Structure becomes increasingly complex, and so increases structural cost.  Details

A Project Progression: Cannon Hill Remodel Start to Finish
A 1930's vintage Craftsman Bungalow gives up a previous life, transforming into a Mediterranean style concealing an extremely contemporary interior. The design program was focused on the ideal of a fresh exterior & completely open interior, while honoring it's timely neighborhood. A "Home of Distinction" 2019 selection by the American Institute of Architects. Details


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