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Moose Caboose Installation
The Moose Caboose is based on a design by Wheelhaus, “The Caboose" RV Park Model Trailer. Upgraded to meet Washington State Building Code (no wheels, attached to concrete foundation), it was built at an indoor construction facility in Rathdrum, Idaho by Stratford Building Corporation. The completed structure was towed to the property, lifted by a crane, and attached to the foundation one snowy week of December. Managed by Doric,Inc, we wanted to learn more about both the Small House phenomenon, in addition to Off Grid Technology. The Caboose's electrical needs are met by 6 solar panels secured to an outside storage shed, feeding a "solar system" (charger, inverter, battery packs) in the basement mechanical room. Lighting, refer, micro, small appliances & a specialized well pump all are energized by the sun. Propane powers a small fireplace, cooktop, and tankless hot water heater.   

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