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Summer Fun!: BBQ, Beach and Sun

Rooftop Garden Patio Platform / Parking Garage  Trying to accommodate a modern garage, coupled with significant added space, & faced with the challenges of a narrow lot, is always a daunting task in Spokane's Old S.Hill neighborhoods. A steel framed deck, with clear spanning space under for a full 2 cars, plus storage, was  capped with a concrete slab. The end result is a stunning "rooftop garden", complete with  greenery, living space, & a shading arbor.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen  After having been contacted by one of our clients & their wish for an outdoor kitchen, we set about sourcing the right materials for the proper look. Having discovered substantial quantities of 150 yr old growth VG Fir from the original Wonder Bread Mill, we knew we had what we wanted. 

Hawaiian Surfboard Shower  Having always wanted a Surfboard Shower, the opportunity presented itself when we inherited a family heirloom. It's final Home is in Hilo, on the east side of The Big Island   

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